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Lease Renewals

The lease is a signed legal contract conferring rights and duties on both signatories – the landlord and tenant. If you wish to stay at your current business location, the expiry of a business lease provides an opportunity to negotiate better terms, but the grant of a new lease is not guaranteed, i.e. all of the lease terms will be negotiable and not just the rent. Unlike a rent review where just the issue of the rent is in dispute, there are indeed other points that have to be resolved relating to length of lease, repairing obligations, break clauses, etc. These are all matters which can have a considerable impact on the level of rent paid.

We, at Next Property, have records of great amount of property transactions that are carried out, thereby providing evidence of suitable properties. As lease renewal negotiations have many features in common with rent negotiations, we again advise our help to achieve the best possible settlement of negotiations.