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Block Management

Next Property offers a comprehensive management service to owners of every type of commercial and residential property. Clients include institutions from plc companies, property companies, family trusts, to private individuals whose objectives may differ greatly. Some properties are held for imminent re-development; others for long term growth. Our team has a clear grasp of each client’s requirements and formulates a strategy for every property and ensures it is fulfilled.

We provide a full management service incorporating the collection of rent and service charges as well as dealing with the numerous minor issues that can occur on a daily basis. Our building surveyors department is integrated into the property management process and deals with major repair and maintenance contracts and dilapidation. In addition, the building surveyors are involved in the preparation of the refurbishment schemes and the supervision of the resultant contracts.

The objective of our management department is to maximise the value of every client’s property portfolio. We achieve this through positive, strategic management, which enables us to seize and exploit market opportunities.

The department monitors closely the day-to-day management of our client’s properties and we have a policy of continual liaison with tenants to ensure we meet their requirements.

Our comprehensive Property Management department is an essential part of our lettings service, we offer around the clock property management, we have our very own highly skilled tradesmen looking after your property around the clocking, we will look after your property as if it were our own.

Every property is unique, so we offer a tailor-made solution to best suit each individual block.

We offer:

  • Service Charge Collection and Management
  • Day to day Management and Customer Service
  • Property Maintenance and Contract Management
  • Financial Control and Planning
  • Security
  • Major Works Consultation and Implementation
Our block management department manage array of different types of blocks, and we use the latest technology and software to provide our clients the best service possible at competitive prices.

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