Published: 20/06/2014

Central London is one of the most active area’s for commercial property to be let or sold at the moment.
Investments within the UK capital’s centre grew in to a total of $18 billion last year. This makes central London more active than the second most active city centre of New York: Manhattan. It actually is three times as much as the American city centre.
Because of the rising numbers, a lot more UK property holders are willing to sell or let their commercial properties, due to the rise in valuation.
The UK became the most liquid market in the world last year, with a liquidity ratio of 9.2%, Next in line is Singapore, with 7.6%. This is because of the interest in London.
The rise in commercial activity coincides with a boom in UK residential real estate transactions, which has raised concern from the Bank of England. The Council of Mortgage Lenders today confirmed that UK loans were up by 30% by volume and 47% by value over the year.