Published: 17/02/2017

When you buy a house, you are buying much more than somewhere to live. You are also buying an investment for the future. However, as with any investment,

you need to look after it to ensure that it grows. Estate agents in Central London UK, understand this and provide great advice on futureproofing your investment.

The key to futureproofing your investment is ensuring that your home is still relevant in the years to come. Investing in the right technology lays at the heart of this. Look at making your home smarter. This gives you total control over lighting, heating, home surveillance and locks; and provides you with remote control via a smartphone or tablet. One of the reasons why these elements are considered by estate agents in Central London UK to be so desirable is because as well as improving security, they also decrease your energy costs over the long term. Making your home energy efficient is another important aspect of futureproofing your investment. Double glazing, loft insulation and wall insulation are the least Marylebone estate agents will be looking for in a long-term investment. Replacing inefficient boilers and heating systems, modernising toilets and showers; replacing old ones for newer low flow models for example, are important steps towards futureproofing your home. In doing this, you are taking the first step to creating an eco-friendlier home, and this too is essential if you want your home to be up amongst the homes of the future that sell well with Central London estate agents.

Becoming eco-friendly is not just about cutting the amount of energy you are using. It is also about the materials that are used in your home and their potential toxicity levels. Covent Garden estate agents are likely to recommend changing older kitchen cabinets for new formaldehyde free versions, and using low VOC paints as a good starting point. Ensuring that wood used in flooring is from a sustainable source and reducing the use of carpets and chemicals are also positive actions that will make your home more attractive. When it comes to doing any remodelling of your home, it is important to consider the potential future residents of the house. As your estate agents London based will tell you, the population of the UK is getting older, and more households are multi-generational. With current uncertainty in the markets with changes both here and aboard, this doesn’t look likely to change any time soon. Why is this important? Because, when doing any remodelling, a Mayfair estate agent will suggest you consider the different needs of the multi-generational family and particularly of the older generation. Something as simple as steps leading up, or down, to your house could put potential buyers off as they think forward. If you have the space in the front, consider removing the steps and replacing with a slope. Landscape the front garden around the slope and it becomes a selling feature and one that you can enjoy looking at.

Futureproofing your home requires staying up to date with the latest long term trends in technology and the homes that people are looking for. If you are unsure of what to do to protect your investment over the long term, then speak to your estate agents in Central London UK and always get up to date advice.