Published: 22/08/2017

It has been an interesting year so far when it comes to commercial property sales, especially in London. For a commercial estate agent in London, the first three months of 2017 in particular have shown record numbers of sales taking place, totalling just under £5 billion. Economic uncertainty seems very far away.

If you are looking for central London estate agents to help sell your commercial property in London, what should you look out for? There are many to choose from, and although they may all look the same, there can be big differences in the quality of the service you will get. Simply picking estate agents out of a list without doing any research could be a costly mistake. So doing your homework is the first and perhaps most important part of choosing the right commercial estate agent. Check for reviews and customer feedback. See how many properties they have on their books, and how frequently they sell them. Look at the prices they are getting – are they good negotiators? Will they work for you or for the buyer? Once you have done the research, the next step is to make a shortlist of all the agents that seem to suit your needs. This may sound like it will take a long time, but even if it does it is well worth the effort. Narrow your list down to three agents and go to visit each one. There are some questions that you will want to ask, and once you have the answers from all of them, you can make your decision.
One important question to ask estate agents is how they intend to market your property in order to get the most interest and the best price. You don’t, however, need to pick the agent that simply offers you the best – highest – valuation. It can seem exciting to hear that your property is worth more than you thought it was, or more than other estate agent London based has already said, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Getting a realistic valuation is much more important than getting a high one, as it will mean that your property sells more quickly, saving you time and money. It is also a question of how you feel about the estate agents you speak to. Is their office clean and tidy, for example? It may not seem like much, but if they can’t be bothered to tidy up for potential clients, what does this say about the way they work? Is the commercial estate agent in London to whom you are speaking interested in what you are saying? Are they enthusiastic? This also makes a big difference, as they will bring that enthusiasm into their dealings with potential buyers, which could seal a sale.
Assuming the current trend for rising prices in commercial property continues – and there is nothing to suggest that it won’t – estate agents will continue to be busier than they have been for some time. This is the perfect time to start thinking about engaging a commercial estate agent in London