Reasons To Use An Estate Agent London Based To Sell Your Home

Estate Agent London

Are you wondering whether you should use the services of an estate agent London based in order to sell your home?

Perhaps you feel it would be cheaper and just as effective to go it alone? Thanks to the rise of the Internet, a lot of people think that marketing their property is easy. However, this could not be further from the truth! Discover why using an estate agent is a must.

Negotiation – An estate agent does not simply look for a suitable buyer; their service incorporates a lot more than this, and one of the key elements is negotiation. They will be able to negotiate directly with the buyer. They have the skill and experience to do this effectively. You could fall flat on your face and miss out on a sale if you attempt this with no expertise.

Access to more buyers – Estate agents London wide have databases filled with people that are looking for properties. They already have a pool of people that may be interested in your property, thus increasing the chances of a sale, and a quick one at that.

Manage the sales process – Another reason to look for the best Central London estate agents is because they will manage the sale process. They will regularly check in with the solicitors and up and down the property chain to ensure the sale is going to plan.

Expert guidance – You will receive expert advice and guidance from individuals that have trained in property sales, and have plenty of experience in doing so. If any difficulties arise, or you are unsure about something, they will be able to help.

Viewings – Finally, an estate agent London based will manage and conduct viewings on the behalf of the seller. They will be there to answer any queries the potential buyer has, and they will know how to show off your home to full effect.

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Majority of FTBs delaying purchasing a home until after Brexit
New research from OneFamily has revealed that a narrow majority of ‘deposit-ready’ first-time-buyers are delaying their purchases as a result of Brexit – equating to at least 136,000 peo

Majority of FTBs delaying purchasing a home until after Brexit

ple across the UK.

Central London landlords were likely to reduce rents last year, study finds

Landlords in central London were the most likely to have reduced rents in England in the last 12 months, according to a new study.
The study of 1,043 landlords across England found that fewer landlords in central London reported tenant demand to be stable or increasing than in any other region, and that over a quarter were likely to have reduced rent in the last year.
The study found that landlord confidence overall had remained confident or increased in the first quarter of 2018 compared with the end of last year.
Landlords in the east of England were most positive about the future, according to the report, with over half (53 per cent) indicating that they felt upbeat about the prospects for their own lettings business over the next three months.
By contrast, landlords in central London were the least optimistic, with only 26 per cent rating prospects for their own business as good or very good over the next three months.
At a regional level, the East of England and the Midlands look well supported, with encouraging data on tenant demand, yield and capital gains while the London market adjusts its footing after many years of strong growth.
In a research carried on landlords it is found that 14 per cent of landlords have decreased rents in central London over the past 12 months.

Esri UK’s interactive map shows all 933 of London’s blue plaques

There’s no better way to feel like a seasoned Londoner than by pointing out a blue plaque to a bunch of city newbies. And now you can see the exact location of all 933 of these distinctive discs and when they appeared, thanks to Esri UK’s interactive map.
Set up in 1866, the English Heritage blue plaque scheme commemorates the houses and workplaces of famous figures, including the likes of Freddie Mercury, Marie Stopes, Samuel Pepys and Enid Blyton. Esri’s animated map shows the spread of blue dots throughout the ages, from the first plaque (for French Emperor Napoleon III, who lived on King Street off St James’s Square) to the latest, commemorating BBC director-general Sir Hugh Carleton Greene. There have been other Blue Plaque maps out there, including an official English Heritage app, but as far as we know there are none this swishy or up-to-date for your desktop.

Royal wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Celebrate the wedding of the year as Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle.
Royal wedding timings
• The royal wedding takes place in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle at 12pm.
• At 1pm, the newlyweds partake in a carriage procession through Windsor Town.
• The couple then join their wedding guests for a reception at St George’s Hall.
The wedding will be televised on various global television channels, including British broadcasters BBC, ITV and Sky News.

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