Properties to rent in Holborn

Holborn’s central location makes it perfect for any business that needs unsurpassed mobility in and around London. It is representative of a certain English classicism. The name Holborn comes from a hamlet called Holebourne. Historically, Holborn was very much at the beating heart of London, sitting by the Thames with all its merchant life and mischievous comings and goings, so well chronicled by Charles Dickens. Holborn has become the site of new offices and hotels in the early 21st century, like the old neoclassical Pearl Assurance building near the junction with Kingsway was converted into a hotel in 1999. There are still remnants of the old publishing industry in Fleet Street.Why rent properties in Holborn

Holborn offers different kinds of properties to rent. From studios to beautiful period houses. Properties to rent in Holborn are in demand due to its location within easy walking distance of many London’s leading attractions and its pleasant living environment.

Its reputation as a popular place to work is due to its central location (between the city of London and Covent Garden). This also makes it a great place to play. Its big secular pubs and the Inns of Court in narrows alleys are its trademark. This is a very desirable area and offers some of London’s most historic hotels and international cuisine. It’s also a great place to do some shopping, you can find many independent places that specialize in unusual stock.

The Royal Courts of Justice, Gray’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn, St Etheldreda’s church belong to places of interest in Holborn, to the south you can find a good panoramic view of London walking to the curve of Victoria Embankment. Holborn is very well served making properties for rent in Holborn very attractive.

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