Mayfair Estate Agent – Why Mayfair’s History Is Such A Selling Point

Mayfair estate agent; you will need experience to find the right elegant period conversion or traditional town house to suit your needs. However, while Mayfair was imagined, developed and built to be an area that would be filled with elegant and luxury townhouses and apartments, it is also full of history.

When buying property from estate agents London, it is interesting to know the history of an area, and how it affects the prices in different locations. Mayfair is a historical area of London and is named after the yearly ‘May Fair’ that lasted for 15 days and took place on what is now Shepherd Market. It existed between 1686 and 1764, before being banned by local aristocrats and residents who felt it the fair attracted undesirable people from poorer parts of the Capital. Mayfair was developed between the mid-17th and the 18th centuries and was created to be a fashionable residential district in the centre of London. The Grosvenor family were perhaps the most notable family and landlords responsible for transforming the area, building across the village that was there at the time. Their name is still attached to many landmarks in the area today, and the estate occupies large parts of the areas north. Today, these are under careful management and are part of one of the Capital's most luxurious retail districts. During the Second World War, many businesses relocated to the area, however, Mayfair has once again reverted to a residential area. Prices, and interest in properties managed by any estate agent London based depend greatly on whether the building was integral to the history and development of the area.

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