Marylebone Estate Agent – Upgrading Your Bathroom To Add Value

Marylebone estate agent services can help you with lots of aspects of property management. Whether you are looking to either sell or let out your property, upgrading certain parts of your home, such as the bathroom, can help you get a better price on the property market. Here are three ways to spruce up your smallest room.

Improving your bathroom is one very easy way to add to any valuation given by Marylebone estate agents. Firstly, if you have a coloured bathroom suite, it is time to ditch it. Today, most buyers and renters look for white bathroom furniture as it is clean and space enhancing. Use a few accent colours in accessories to brighten up the room a little. White doesn’t have to be boring. Secondly, plan the layout of your bathroom to maximise the space. If the current layout does work, then keep it, but if you need to, change it. If you do need to change the layout, work with a plumber to look at and plan how it can be redesigned to best use your available space. You need to consider plumbing and how much of this needs to be changed to fit a new layout. You also need to think about the cost of this and bear in mind renovations will interrupt your lifestyle if you reside in the property during the work. Remember you can achieve your dream bathroom without spending a fortune. Thirdly, avoid corner baths where you can. Whilst they can be good for smaller spaces, they can also negatively affect the value of your property. Estate agents London wide can help advise you on the (potential) financial benefits of any renovation works.

For the best Marylebone estate agent, come to Next Property. We can give you advice on renovating your property before selling, or letting it out. Visit us online at to gauge the difference remodelling can make. Call us on +44 (0)207 118 0000 to talk to one of our agents.

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