Estate Agents In Mayfair- An Overview Of Living In Mayfair

Estate agents in Mayfair can help with all your property needs from sales, to purchases and rentals. Whether you are searching for an imposing townhouse, Georgian period property or London bolt-hole, Mayfair is the premier destination of choice with a wealth of properties for potential buyers and renters to explore.

Mayfair is known for its elegant period conversion properties, as well as renovated post war apartments. Any estate agent London wide will tell you that lateral space is at a premium in Mayfair and any property with a garden or outside space is incredibly rare. Mayfair sits in the heart of Central London on probably the costliest residential real estate in the city. Surrounding the area are Oxford and Regent Streets, as well as Bond Street. To the west of Mayfair is the expansive Hyde Park, which is an oasis of calm and tranquillity in the middle of the bustling city. It’s location and amenities make it one of the most desirable places, and thus as estate agents London wide will tell you, it is also one of the most expensive. If you are considering Mayfair, discuss the costs at length with your estate agent; keep in mind that the amounts you will need to pay out do not stop at the purchase price. If renting or buying, you will need to consider service charges and Council Tax, in addition to your rent or mortgage. However, you will make savings on aspects such as transport if you work in the City, or surrounding area. The best properties are highly sought after, so it is important to have everything in place before approaching your estate agent.

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