If you are interested in buying a property, you will need to find the best estate agency. There are many Central London estate agents,

and thus it is vital to narrow down your search carefully by looking at experience, reading reviews, and assessing their online presence. But, aside from finding the best estate agent London way, what else should you do to find the perfect property for you?

During the viewing, don’t visualise the property as your home – This is an error a lot of people make. Instead, you should view the process as a property inspection. It is advisable to not get attached too soon, as this may result in you going with your heart and overlooking a lot of problems rather than using your head.

Check the light switches and taps – Did you know that only 35 per cent of people check that light switches work? And, only 28 per cent of people check the taps to determine the water pressure? You need to check these elements to ensure you won’t need to embark on any repairs later down the line.

Use your sense of smell – Often, damp cannot be seen, but it can be smelt. If you notice a musty smell, this is something that should be of concern.

Investigate the neighbourhood – Nowadays, when you purchase a property using estate agents London way, you aren’t simply investing in bricks and mortar. You are investing in a neighbourhood and a way of life. What is the local area like? Are there shops and pubs in close proximity? What are the local schools like? Is the crime rate low? These are all things you should be investigating.

Take your time – Finally, once the Central London estate agents you have chosen arrange a viewing for you, you should take your time to view it. Don’t rush around; otherwise you will not be able to get a real feel for the place. Research shows that 52 per cent of those who only took 10 minutes to view the property ended up paying more.